Essay about a special person in your life! a person who influenced you

 “Here is an essay about a very special person my your life,which is my friend Karolina,In this essay I'm describing this amazing person who had influenced me.Well,I tried to describe Karolina’s appearance and personality. Also showing why she was is important to me and my close friend.”

Describe a very important person in your life :

In life,you meet people who could made and change your life. It could be actually any person. Life is full of successes and failures. It sounds better to me.Then, my life was full of negative things such as dropping out of school, cheating and also sleeping in the class.

Karolina was my very Close friend,she is the most important person in my life,because she has transformed me from a stubborn person into a flexible person and shown me how to be patient for the potential life. 

We have been friend for four years.We first met in high school. Initially, I hated her so much. She told the teacher that I won't pass the exam while I was near from the class,I had a problem with my family and I was absent minded I didn't had the mood to pass the test, I got a punishment which was 0 in the exam.

Karolina is quite arrogance and clever,she is small and I was always laugh about that HAHA and thin, with damp dark hair. She usually wears cutie clothes which are trendy and fashionable. Karolina is a bookworm, she enjoys reading and being with a book.While we were in the class, she was the excellent  student. Teacher always asked her to the board and let her explain the lesson for us. She got always good marks in the exams.being with her a lot of time and spend the day with her made me change to a good student too and I got good marks too.

From that moment, I totally knew Karolina and I were going to have a close friend. Thereafter, we spent a lot of time together inside the high school and outside. She has got a fantastic sense of humor, she always makes me laugh. On the other hand, she's a little bit mature,sometimes she acted like my parent when she advice me to do something. It really makes me feel warmer when we were together. She encouraged me in studying and supported me while I was falling down. Because I am absolutely lazy, I do not know how much energy she has when she tries to explain me a lesson. I confessed that I was so immature and emotional sometimes. But she never let me down. She still stands by me until I can control myself and apologize to her.we're 

Even if we're separated,now she's in sale city at Mohammed V University studying law.we still contact each other until now and we meet sometimes in holidays,she stay the same as the first day I knew her.

To summarize,I will not forget her, and I also believed that her influence was something I would carry with me for the rest of my life. She taught me so many things about studying hard and enjoying life and being confident.I wish I could meet her again.

Commonly used phrases in conversation

Hi guys,today we're going to learn how to use certain phrasal verbs in common daily conversations,as we often use phrasal verbs in our daily conversations.

What is a phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is a verb that consists of two parts :
The first part is always a short verb,like: give,go,come,get, etc.
The second part is a preposition,like : in,on,up,down,at, etc.

Now each phrasal verb usually has a non-phrasal synonym.
 Example : 
- You can give up smoking
- You can quit smoking

- You can fill in the table
- You can complete the table

So really,in terms of speaking,you don't need phrasal verbs to express yourself,However,as native speakers use them quite a lot in, their daily conversations,you need to be familiar with them.
The best way to learn these phrasal verbs is in context,in conversations,in dialogues,you shouldn't waste your time in memorising phrasal verbs from list.

Phrasal verbs in daily dialogues :
Here is some few points I'd like to mention to you about phrasal verbs.
You should know that some phrasal verbs have to different meanings :

 Example : 
take up = begin a new activity (I took up horse riding last year)

take up it also means : accept an offer or invitation (He took up the job offer)

let's look at the phrasal verb Turn down
turn down one meaning is reduce volume (please turn down the music)

turn down second meaning is reject (she turned down my marriage proposal)

turn up = increase volume (please turn up the music)

turn up = appear (She turned up at the wedding without invitation)

To be continued...