Thursday, November 2, 2017

Common errors in the use of tenses present simple and present continuous

Hello everybody! Let us complete what we started in last time on this post ( Present Simple and Present Continuous ), I explained to you how do we make the Simple Present Tense? how to use the present continuous ? also some examples about Present Simple and Present Continuous.

Let's move on and look some common errors.
Common mistakes
Let's start with this sentence :
Example :
- I am living in India.(temporary) ( just for few weeks or few months ... )
and what they want to say is that this is their permanent place of residence, so is this sentence correct? show that it's a fact that is the permanent place of residence, they should use the present simple
- I live in India.

Let's look at another example :

Example :
- I'm coming from Malaysia.(means I'm just been there) (you've been on a trip and you coming back now)
These person want's to say that they are from Malaysia, they are Malaysians, so It's a fact therefore again it should be present simple.

 - I come from Malaysia.
Let's look at one last example for someone might use the present continuous instead of the present simple by mistake.

Example :
- Our company is producing a smartphone.(only at the moment)
This means that their company is producing smartphone just for the moment temporarily, maybe they are the producer of another kind of again here we need the present simple to indicate that this is a fact.this is what the company produces all the time.
- Our company produces glass.

Right, let's now look at some examples where you might use the present simple but in fact, you must be using present continuous.
 Example :
- The economy grows again this year. (mistake)
This year it means happening at the moment, it's temporary doesn't happen every year, so what should it be? Present continuous.
- The economy is growing again this year.
- They build a home next to mine.
Really, Today, Every year, Every month...) 
Once again, we need the present continuous.
- They are building a home next to mine.

Final example: someone says
- Look, it rains. (mistake)They ask you to look at the window and see what's happening now, at this moment there for once again it should be present continuous.
- Look, it's raining.
That's all, for now, I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful :)

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  3. While this is a good post, take care. Several errors! Please get someone to proof read before posting. For eg., "there permanent residence"? there or their?



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