Modal verbs examples and how to use them in a sentence.

Hi guys! and welcome in the first lesson on our blog,this post as you can see is about the modal verbs : Can - Could - May - Might

So,let's have a look at the formulation and then we will move to the usage of modal verbs ! : Can,Could,May,and Might.

Modal Verbs :
Can - Could - May - Might
let's start with formulation :
All modal verbs have the following features in common :
  •  They are always followed by the 'infinitive without to'
  •  The are the same for all pronouns.
  •  They do not need auxiliaries.They take direct negative and question forms. 
  • They never combine with another modal verb. 
There is some common formulation mistakes :
* very common mistake is using an infinitive with 'to' after modal

 - I can to swim. - I can to swim.

- She could running fast. -  She could running  run fast.

*Second common mistake is conjugating for he,she,it adding 's' to your verb,remember that modal verbs are the same for all for pronouns.

- She cans sleep. - She cans sleep.
- It mights rain. - It mights rain.

* the third category of mistakes is using an auxiliary with the modal verb,modal verbs takes direct question and negative forms.

 1- question
- Do you can do this ? - Can you do this ?
2- Negative
- He doesn't may love it. - He may not love it.

*and finally as we just said modal verb do not combine with other.let's see this sentence we can just keep the modal verb can,or use a synonym for can and keep will.

- She will can come tomorrow. - She Will can come tomorrow.
                                                 - She will be able to come tomorrow.
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Common Mistakes in English Usage in tenses present and present perfect ‘‘Continuous’’

Hi,guys!this is the 2nd article of my series lessons about tenses in English, In last post we have talked about the differences between present simple (I do) and present continuous (I am doing),have a look on the previous lesson by clicking on the link below :
Present simple and present continuous ( common mistakes )

Now,we will discuss the differences between present continuous (I am doing) and present perfect continuous (I have been doing).

Differences between present simple and present continuous :
Formulation :
Present continuous :
As you remember from the last post,we need the verb 'To be' in the present tense,and the main verb + Ing form.

- I am playing Baseball
- You playing Baseball
- He/She is playing
- We are playing
- You are playing
- They are playing

Present perfect continuous

Now we need the verb 'To be' in the present perfect tense.
- I have been playing Baseball
- You have been playing Baseball
- He/She has been playing
- We have been playing
- You have been playing
- They have been playing

Present continuous,the verb 'To be' in the present tense + the main verb with 'ing form ',Presnet perfect continuous the verb 'To be' in the present perfect tense + the main verb with ing.
Let's move on usage now.

Usage :
When do we you use the present continuous ?

You should remember from the last article that the present continuous is for an action in progress.
Example :
1- I'm talking to you.

2- You're listening to me.(at the moment)

3- It's raining.

When do we you use the present perfect continuous ?

Present perfect continuous refers to an action that started in the past and is still in progress.
 So,If I tell you how long I've been listening to you ? I need to use the present perfect continuous.

1.1- I've been talking to you for 8 minutes.

We can also use the word 'since' to show when the action actually started.

2.2- I've been listening to you since 10:20.

If we say : How long you've been listening to me? we switch to the present perfect continuous.

2.3- You've been listening to me for few minutes.

3.3 - It has been raining all morning. (started this morning)

3.4 - It has been raining since I wake up. (started when i wake up)

Now let's look at some timeline might help you :
Present perfect :

Present perfect continuous :

The action started in the past,if you say when exactly when it started we use the word 'since',if you say how long it's been going on we use the word 'for' that's clearly differentiate between present continuous and present perfect continuous.
Note :
With the present perfect, the action is complete; with the present perfect continuous, the action began in the past but has not yet been completed.

Common mistakes :
The most common mistake is to use the present continuous instead of the present perfect continuous.
Example :

You're likely to say or to hear 
- I'm working here for three years. (mistake)
If you say how long? you need to change it to present perfect continuous.
- I have been working here for three years.

You may often say or hear :
- I study English for five months.(mistake)
and now you know you can say this,because you saying how long,you need to use the present perfect continuous.
- I have been studying English for five months.

- We are waiting since 4 o'clock.(mistake)
What should you say correct ?
- We have been waiting since 4 o'clock.

And finally I hope you find this post helpful.

Ranking of the most hardest language to learn in the world ( Top 10 )

There are many variations on what is the most difficult language in the world,but we can not determine which language is the most difficult because all people believed that thier language is the hardest and devotes its points and Analysis & Opinions support this view ...
Some people say that the Arabic language is the most difficult, others talking about the Chinese language is the most difficult and others go to the Russian (Indian + Urdu-) ...

So,This is the first ten languages ​​in the world in terms of number of speakers :
1. Chinese (Mandarin) 1,300,000,000
2. English 508,000,000
3. Hindustani (Hindi and Urdu) 497,000,000
4. Spanish 392,000,000
5. Russian 277,000,000
6. Arabic 246,000,000
7. Bengali 211,000,000
8. Portuguese 191,000,000
9. Malay-Indonesian 159,000,000
10. French 129,000,000‏
  1. English
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Latin
  5. German
  6. Hebrew
  7. Swedish
  8. Chinese
And there is an other ranking :

1) Chinese
2) Arabic
3) Tuyuca
4) Hungarian
5) Japanese
6) Navajo
7) Estonian
8) Basque
9) Polish
10) Icelandic
Finally,I hope you benefited from the information which I gave you,and be sure that one thing is certain, no matter how hard a language is, you really need three things which are essential for learning it: adequate learning resources, understanding of the way you learn, and passion of learning.

How to write a good topic sentence (examples and exercises)

Hi everyone! after I've published some grammar lessons previously,today's article is about writing.

Writing a good topic sentence,I'm going to share with you what I've Learned from my professor of writing, a topic sentence is the key to start writing a good paragraph.

Topic Sentences 
Firstly wondering about some questions :
What is a topic sentence ?
What does it do?
How I can write one?

The topic sentence is the first sentence in a paragraph,it introduces the main idea of the whole paragraph,and to write your own you should summarize the main idea of your paragraph,for the purpose of reminding the reader of what's the paragraph is about. 

A good topic sentence should include either of the following :
- One clear topic
Weak : It's important to have friends,and also to do well in school.
Strong : I don't think I will ever have a better friend than Heather.

- An opinion or idea about the topic
Weak : I have been studying karate.
Strong : studying karate has given me strength and self-confjdence.

- A good topic sentence should NOT be :
- Too broad (too much to write about)
Weak : Australia is an interesting country.
Strong : on my visit to Australia, I saw many unusual animals.

- Too marrow ( not enough to write about )
Weak : school starts at 8:30 a.m
Strong : getting ready for school in the morning is more difficult than any of my classes.

Topic sentence exercises :
Choose the best topic sentence for each group of supporting sentences. Write it on the line provided.
1.)_________________________________________________. North Americans send cards for many occasions. They send cards to family and friends on birthdays and holidays. They also send thank-you cards, get well cards, graduation cards, and congratulation cards. It is very common to buy cards in stores and send them through the mail, but turning on the computer and sending cards over the Internet is also popular.

a) Sending cards is very popular in North America.
b) Birthday cards are the most popular kind of card.
c) It is important to send thank-you cards.
2.) ________________________________________ .First of all, we need money to repair old roads and build new roads. We also need more to pay teachers’ salaries and to pay for services such as trash collection. Finally, more tax money is needed to give financial help to the poor citizens of the city. It is clear that the city will have serious problems if taxes are not raised soon.
a) We should raise city taxes.
b) City taxes are too high.
c) City taxes pay for new roads.
3.)_________________________________________For example, a person can have breakfast in New York, board an airplane, and have dinner in Paris. A businesswoman in London can instantly place an order with a factory in Hong Kong by sending a fax. Furthermore, a schoolboy in Tokyo can turn on a TV and watch a baseball game being played in Los Angeles.
a) Airplanes have changed our lives.
b) Advances in technology have made the world seem smaller.
c) The fax machine was an important invention.
Add your answer on comment. (Good luck)
Finaly,I hope you've enjoyed this lesson of how to form a topic sentence in English :)

What are the Gradable and Ungradable Adjectives ?

Adjectives can be either gradable or non-gradable


Gradable adjectives are adjectives like ‘cold’ ‘hot’ and ‘frightened’. You can be very cold or a bit cold. Gradable adjectives show that something can have different degrees.


Non-gradable adjectives are adjectives like ‘married’ or ‘wooden’. You can’t be very married or a bit married. Non-gradable adjectives do not have different degrees.

Adjectives like ‘terrifying’, ‘freezing’ ‘amazing’ are also non-gradable adjectives. They already contain the idea of ‘very’ in their definitions – ‘freezing’ means ‘very cold’ etc.

Using adverbs of degree

When we use adverbs of degree to modify adjectives we usually have to use different adverbs for gradable and non-gradable adjectives.

    NOT I’m completely hot.
    NOT It was very fantastic!

With gradable adjectives

    It’s a bit cold in here. Shall I turn the fire on?
    He’s very interested in history. Why don’t you buy him a history book?
    This exercise is really difficult. I don’t know any of the answers.
    I’m extremely tired. I’m going to bed.

The adverbs a bit, very, really, extremely and quite can all be used with gradable adjectives.

With non-gradable adjectives

    It’s absolutely freezing in here. Shall I turn the fire on?
    He’s completely fascinated by history. Why don’t you buy him a history book?
    This exercise is absolutely impossible.
    That film is really terrifying. Don’t go and see it on your own.

The adverbs absolutely and completely can be used with non-gradable adjectives.

Notice that really can be used with both gradable AND non-gradable adjectives.

NOTE: There are other adverbs of degree that we haven’t covered in this section. The ones included here are some of the most common.

Essay about a special person in your life! a person who influenced you

 “Here is an essay about a very special person my your life,which is my friend Karolina,In this essay I'm describing this amazing person who had influenced me.Well,I tried to describe Karolina’s appearance and personality. Also showing why she was is important to me and my close friend.”

Describe a very important person in your life :

In life,you meet people who could made and change your life. It could be actually any person. Life is full of successes and failures. It sounds better to me.Then, my life was full of negative things such as dropping out of school, cheating and also sleeping in the class.

Karolina was my very Close friend,she is the most important person in my life,because she has transformed me from a stubborn person into a flexible person and shown me how to be patient for the potential life. 

We have been friend for four years.We first met in high school. Initially, I hated her so much. She told the teacher that I won't pass the exam while I was near from the class,I had a problem with my family and I was absent minded I didn't had the mood to pass the test, I got a punishment which was 0 in the exam.

Karolina is quite arrogance and clever,she is small and I was always laugh about that HAHA and thin, with damp dark hair. She usually wears cutie clothes which are trendy and fashionable. Karolina is a bookworm, she enjoys reading and being with a book.While we were in the class, she was the excellent  student. Teacher always asked her to the board and let her explain the lesson for us. She got always good marks in the exams.being with her a lot of time and spend the day with her made me change to a good student too and I got good marks too.

From that moment, I totally knew Karolina and I were going to have a close friend. Thereafter, we spent a lot of time together inside the high school and outside. She has got a fantastic sense of humor, she always makes me laugh. On the other hand, she's a little bit mature,sometimes she acted like my parent when she advice me to do something. It really makes me feel warmer when we were together. She encouraged me in studying and supported me while I was falling down. Because I am absolutely lazy, I do not know how much energy she has when she tries to explain me a lesson. I confessed that I was so immature and emotional sometimes. But she never let me down. She still stands by me until I can control myself and apologize to her.we're 

Even if we're separated,now she's in sale city at Mohammed V University studying law.we still contact each other until now and we meet sometimes in holidays,she stay the same as the first day I knew her.

To summarize,I will not forget her, and I also believed that her influence was something I would carry with me for the rest of my life. She taught me so many things about studying hard and enjoying life and being confident.I wish I could meet her again.